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Entrepreneual Mindset

Entrepreneurs have a growth mindset. Most of your entrepreneual education will come to you by your self-directed learning. In your search you will find new perspectives you didn’t learn in school or university. You must be willing to let go of any obsolete biases and ideas you may find you have so you can shift your thinking to the new data you are learning. It is important that you recognize becoming an entrepreneur is an awesome learning opportunity to be wrong and make mistakes. This is how we change and grow. Your attitude to growing, learning, and putting your new knowledge into action is your biggest asset.

Protect your asset, your entrepreneual mindset.

Becomming an entrepreneur is a choice that takes grit, a real kick ass attitude to overcome challenges and the tenacity to face the unknown with confidence. You can grow this mindset every day, by doing the pomodoro technique of 25 minutes of focused work toward your goal. Take a break and reward yourself with something lively and fun. In this break time while you are enjoying another activity, your conscious mind gets a rest from your focused work mode and can disengage in a dream like fashion of operation, where your subconscious can bring to your awareness exciting additions to your project you are working on. Then reset your timer and get back into your work flow with renewed energy and fresh ideas.

This process also builds in a real world feedback loop, where you see what works for you and what doesn’t. Do more of what does work and explore other resourses to discover new insights and tools on how to become even more competent in your work.

Be productive,


Maru Maginness


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You will learn the thematic approach to learning about entreprenurship: Thematic interconnectedness of personal, professional, psychological, and technological aspects of business. This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of entreprenurship are connected together and integrated. Development of thematic interconnectedness will empower you with greater insight and self-confidence to thrive in your chosen business.

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